My first article in the Vuvuzela

Prelene Singh

A WITS student was knocked off his motorbike last week Thursday on Yale road near the intersection with Empire road.

Vuvuzela arrived on the scene shortly after the accident and saw the driver of the motorbike, a male student, lying on the ground. He appeared to be injured and several paramedics were treating him.

His silver motorcycle could be seen lying on the ground some distance away.
The accident closed off a lane of the road forcing Johannesburg Metro police to reroute traffic around the scene. The accident drew a crowd of people who looked on to the scene.

Whether the student was injured or how the accident occurred is not yet known.
The student was on his motorbike when he collided with a grey Mercedes Benz at about 2.30pm under the bridge on Yale road, according to CC investigations manager Oscar Manqaba.

When asked by Vuvuzela what safety precautions the university taken to prevent accidents at the intersection, Campus Control head Rob Kemp said the accident was not the university’s responsibility.
“The accident occurred under the bridge on Yale road, this is off university property,” he said.

The north gate entrance to the university is a busy intersection from 6.30-8am and later at 4-5pm.
Students are advised to take extra precaution when entering and exiting the university at these traffic points as it is a high accident zone.


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