SIMS Goes Live on March 4 to introduce the new Information Management System


Prelene Singh

The Student Information Management System (SIMS) goes live today with their new self-service functionality for current students.

The university was formally powered by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment, which was a combination of Oracle HRMS, Oracle Finances and the Oracle Student System.

Enterprise Resource Planning also known as the ERP which is a combination of Oracle Finances, Oracle HRMS and the Oracle Student System formally powered the university.

In March 2013, the Oracle Student admission System (OSS) will be de-commissioned. As a plan to move forward the university is launching the new student information management system to replace the old OSS.

The development of this new Knowledge and information management portfolio came about through aims to embrace free and open source solution. To create a custom built solution based on a component footed on architecture referred to as the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

According to the SIMS website, which can be found on the Wits Intranet, the proposal has Campus solution at its core. Students will be able to visit the Wits homepage and click on “current students” to view their Fees Statements; Academic Programs; Financial Aid; Marks; Timetables, among many other options.


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