Eye Witness News reporter born from Vuvuzela

Gia Nicolaides

BULLETS being fired, tear gas everywhere, charging miners and a falling police line in front of you! That is what being a journalist is all about.

Gia Nicolaides from Eye Witness News (EWN) said in her experience of Marikana, “Bravery is not a competition – its about who can still tell the story in the end.”

Nicolaides who is now a senior radio journalist for Talk Radio 702 and EWN started off as a student journalist at Wits Vuvuzela.

Journalism is something you learn on your feet and you only get the grip of it once you are in the newsroom, “I didn’t think I was passionate when I started”, said Nicolaides.

Photos’s with Jane Seymour, meeting Mandela and Jacob Zuma and interacting with the Italian football club is some of the VIP benefits that are part of the package of being an EWN reporter, said Nicolaides.

“Gut; dedication and perseverance”, always being in the know of your surroundings and the news is what it takes to be an achieving journalist. Nicolaides said to be a journalist you need to be a “jack of all trades” and “never switch off to the world”.

Nicolaides followers a daily routine to keep updated with the current news. This includes checking twitter, reading the daily newspapers and watching news channels throughout the day.

“Sunday is my biggest news day” a cocktail at Melville with all the Sunday newspapers is how she prepares for her week ahead.

Nicolaides said she does not see herself ever leaving the media field because “it’s almost like you fall in love with what you do, and I really do love my job.”


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