Let the day speak for itself



Graduation! This is a day when you are finally credited for all your hard work over the last 3 years of your life, let me just say, it is not something to be taken lightly.

People may poke fun and make light of the situation. I was asked by a good friend of mine “how does it feel to be handed a piece of paper which represents your sleepless nights and stressful hours?”

My reply “that piece of paper is my gold, it is as great as finding treasure at the bottom of the sea, as satisfactory as getting your first salary and knowing you worked for that.”

This is exactly how you should feel. It is the one day you get to prove people wrong, you get to dance in your glory and sing through your misery. The positive side – the bags under your eyes are not thing only you have to show for your dedication.

The feeling of overwhelming excitement, adrenaline running through a every part of your body as you climb the stairs to the podium. The moment when you glance down to your parents and see them smile with PROUD written all over their faces, the feeling of accomplishment, this is a privileged moment. Bear in mind not many people get to live out these life moments.

With my heart in my hand and my throat digested right into my stomach I gather the courage to hand over my name card to my Dean. “Prelene Singh” she says loudly through the microphone. I am aware that now it is my turn to walk across the stage, I swallow (which in my mind is as loud as the sound which comes out of a microphone) and all I’m thinking is do not fall Prelene, you would ruin your whole moment.

Let me say that I made it across the stage gracefully. Got capped and hooded and went on to received my scroll and certificate. An A3 piece of paper which solidifies my presence at Wits University and my BA degree.

However, words like devotion; allegiance; grief; stress; agony and PERSEVERANCE pop into my mind more over than a degree. Now when I walk into an interview I can assert myself and will be taken seriously because it will be said that “this women knows what she is talking about”.

Be proud of your moment, be proud of your degree and be proud that you made it! You are qualified in your field and indulge it. You might have gotten a piece of paper but this physical item represents a whole other universe you endured in order to get to where you are now.


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