Radioactive experience


Growing up with the voices of John Robbie and Jenny Crwys Willams on Talk Radio 702 and later listening to DJ Fresh on Yfm and Jeremy Mansfield on 94.7 Highveld stereo, to now listening to Gareth Cliff on 5fm mornings and Anele on Highveld and Fresh on the ‘fresh drive’ on 5fm. These voices have all shaped the surroundings in which I grew up in.

I listened to these presenters and they were always just a voice, a path in which to gather my information and a voice which made me laugh and entertain me. Also, voices like Jeremy Mansfield who brought the human aspect to his radio presenting with his charity work. They are not just voices as I realized when I was old enough; they are people who sparked my interest in the media and my interest in the radio and television industry.

radio station

This week I have been doing my radio course at VoW fm (Voice of Wits) and it has been a for fillings experience thus far. Being on radio and being on television, working behind the scenes and producing what the public hear and see was just an unreachable thought a few years back. It was something I could aspire to but something I did not know I could ever do.

Now I have reached that stage where I see radio presenting and being a broadcast journalist is a definite in my future, it is something I know I will do in my career.

radio presenter

Last week we learnt the basics of radio presenting and news reading, the journalistic basics. The most important part of this was learning how to read the news. I learnt that in order to be on radio you do not have to have a radio voice, you need to have a good command of the English language and speak clearly. A journalist/news reader s meant to read the news the way they want to. not sing-song or elongated words but simply the way you would speak if you were giving a speech.

It is also important to breathe. The breathing exercises we did were amazing. The amount of things you can accomplish with breathing is unreal. My voice on record I feel sounds nasal-like but through breathing I was able to change my voice to being more suitable on record. Breathing also helps getting through the script without running out of breathe and calms your nerves.

earphones world

I recorded my first news bulletin in studio on Friday and it was extremely nerve racking in the beginning but listening to t back, it was pleased that I could do a decent job and not totally run the bulletin through the mud.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I cannot wait to get back into the studio again. The skills I have gained thus far in the course will equip me to walk into a studio and be able to get straight to work with the equipment and speech.


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