[EDITORIAL]: The essence lies beneath

Imagine a world with no inspiration, no creativity and no innovation. In the mind’s eye it becomes a world with a sombre, dull and melancholic atmosphere, lacking the essence of life and spontaneity. Innovation in many fields of study, including science, architecture and art, would cease to exist and so would our progression as humankind.

The importance of art and drama in our surroundings was brought home to us this week.

Team Vuvu made a trip to cinema nouveau in Rosebank this past week to watch the locally produced movie Of Good Report, directed by Jahmil XT Qubeka. The movie took us on a darkly comical journey in the life of a murderer. While many might review this movie as making a social comment on the “suga daddy” issue, some of us saw it as dealing with the mind of a serial killer.

Much controversy surrounded this movie upon its release. It was initially banned although this was overturned on appeal. After watching it and doing some research it became apparent the aim of the movie was misunderstood.

The protagonist Parker Sithole, played by Mothusi Magano, never uttered a word throughout the movie. Qubeka used the art of motion, expression and lack of colour throughout the movie to send a message not only about serial killers but also about gender imbalance in South African society.

This is the potential influence this kind of movie can have. People use art to structure society. It forces people to think about serious issues faced in society.

Simultaneously, art is also practised as a form of leisure and satisfaction. This should not be inferior to anything else in the world. What we perceive as important, is important.

It has been an innovative and successful year for Wits Vuvuzela and we as a student newspaper have definitely made a change in our community.

In addition to covering hard news, certain members of the team enjoyed the lighter and arguably equally important aspects of the news. We have covered a variety of campus initiatives and events throughout the year.

Trying to accomplish this in the midst of hard news coverage, which is expected of us, has been a task. Some of us particularly enjoyed covering the art exhibitions and performances produced by the Wits theatre this year, in celebration of their 30th anniversary.

The realisation that there are so many different forms of art was an unexpected discovery for many of us who signed up for journalism. 


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