The week that was

English: A street picture of the China town in...

English: A street picture of the China town in Cyrildene, Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Chinese filled week has come to an end. After hitting the floor running on Monday with my in-depth project on Chinese Johannesburg, only now do I really realize why feature writing for newspapers take a while to put together. This is because not only do you need time to write your article but you first need to find information to write about.

Language barrier

Finding information about a culture you are so removed from has it’s obstacles. Today we found a way that would be maybe assist us in talking to Chinese people. One of my classmates used google translator to write a general letter in Mandarin where he introduced himself and explained what he was doing. This helped because he found it was easier to get your point across. Other than that we have found other ways of communicating with our sources and how we need to approach them in order for them to be comfortable to talk.

Today was not as productive, it was a slow day. The morning started off with a meeting with our mentor and discussing our progress thus far. It was helpful because he gave us ideas of how we can make our features better but also told us how to move forward from the place we were at currently.

Excursion ditched 

Afterwards we planned to go to Cyrildene for some very interesting story and then Bruma to speak to more people. However, that plan failed as time slipped through our fingers before we could say goodbye. Living in Johannesburg you also need to thin of traffic on the way back, thus we decided to give it a miss and carry on tomorrow or Monday.

I also spoke to my source and he has a great plan to meet with his family tomorrow. Mr Pon has arranged for me to meet his mother and sister and some other family members. I will interview all of them. Hope it all works out because then I will be close to done with my research, depending on what I can get.

On Sunday I am accompanying one of my classmates on an interview and will also speak to him if I can. It has been a great and informative week, but I am also exhausted. Investigative journalists, thumbs up on the great work because it is no child’s play.


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