Panicked perseverance

Today marked the beginning of the second week of in-depth for #teamvuvu. It was definitely a vibe in the newsroom in comparison to last week Monday when we started our research project. People were generally more relaxed but at the same time, the stress was kicking in.

We have six more days left of research before we are thrown into production next week. Some people were quite disheartened today, as I observed, due to many hindering factors which were bound to kick in at some point.

Not having sufficient sources who are willing to talk to us, people phones being off and thus being unable to reach them and the pressure of knowing that our time is running out and our final drafts of our features are due this week.

The lingering thought at the back of all our mind is: do we have enough information to write a 2000 word feature. Not a storytelling feature but something which reflects, through in-depth research, our topic excellently, after all this is investigative journalism and not sunshine journalism.

I suppose at this point it’s looking dim for some of us however, from past experience of being in this situation I know that when Friday or Sunday comes around everything will work itself out and we will cope. ‘Pressure makes diamonds’ as the old saying goes.

I would say I am one of the people who is feeling the pressure a little bit because I’m apprehensive about things going according to plan, because sometimes things tend to fall apart at the last minute.

I have an interview with Mr Pon and his family on Wednesday, however I was suppose to meet him today and on arrival at his firework shop on Commissioner Street I was told that he had left to buy more stock as Diwali is approaching and there will be a lot of business coming to his shop. I tried to call Mr Pon but to no avail.

I understand he is a busy man and therefore I will try again tomorrow and wait it out at his shop if I have to, so I can finalise the last minute details with him before Wednesday rolls around. After, Wednesday I can say I can breathe again because that would be the bulk of my story done. All I would have to do is my multimedia and write up feature, this should be quick as I have already done all the research I need to.

I think that what I have learnt is that you cannot give up your journey at every road block you approach because then you will never reach your destination. It’s just like seeing a beautiful rainbow after the storm. It’s the same principal, eventually your bad luck (if you can call it that) will run out and that is when the good has a crack to seep through.

I hope to crack before Wednesday and see that beautiful rainbow. Until then I will continue to fill that pot of gold and persevere. As someone once told me: “Nothing good comes easy”.


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