Work. Don’t think. Relax

Earlier this year I met some students from the Taiwan University at an Asian breakfast which Wits Hosted. Photo: Prelene Singh

Earlier this year I met some students from the Taiwan University at an Asian breakfast which Wits Hosted. Photo: Prelene Singh

“It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

This is exactly what I did today. Sometimes the pressures of life seem to come crashing down all at the same time and that is when timeout is needed. In order for me to write something worthwhile reading, I needed to just breathe and focus.

An interview with Dianne Leong Man today, the co-author of the book entitled “Colour, Confusions and Concessions: The history of Chinese in South Africa” went quick and easy. I found out that prior to this book being published there was no literature available about the history of the Chinese in this country.

This book took 12 years to write, and it tracks the Chinese history starting from the early 1660’s till 1994. I wondered how in-depth they had to go to write this book. Along the same train of thought, it hit me hard when I realised that I needed to write something similar for my in-depth project by the end of the week, after only two weeks of research. Scary thought isn’t it.

Dianne talks us through how her and Melanie decided to start writing this book and how they gathered their information.


Yes the length is a 50th of the book they published but nonetheless I had to write this feature. I realised how I could so easily confuse the information I have gathered. The task ahead of me is quite “deep” to say the least (with a grin on my face).

However, because I have had a whole year of practicing, I think I can pull this off, after my deep breathes though. The interview was great and I think I need to refer to the book a lot more to make sure my information is accurate.

A short timeout was just what the doctor ordered before I began writing the beginning steps of my long journey ahead of production. By the end of today I need to hand over a draft of my feature to my mentor. And I hope to get some feedback which will clear my path which is currently white with mist, to the point of where I cannot see the end.

Ending off: Work. Don’t think. Relax. Mantra for today.


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