Practicality always wins

From mid-week last week till this Monday life has been hard, to say the least. I have mastered the art of learning to “suck it up” when you feel like lying on the floor and playing dead.

Last week was the final week for #teamvuvu to gather their information. The last minute interviews, the quick video footage and sound bites and the last minute photography we needed.

Last minute interview

This was quite stressful because our 2000 word features are due today and our multimedia for our research proposal is due on Friday. It went alright for me as I had been working from the start but I did have a final interview on Saturday. I needed to conduct a final interview with Mr King Pon to get the final details for my feature.

Saturday I came to the department all ready to interview King and he had forgotten about our interview. The stress-o-meter went through the roof because I knew if I did not do the interview then I would have no other time and my feature would suffer. So I gathered my thoughts and agreed to meet King at 4. I needed to be practical, if I didn’t care who would.

The interview went well, I realised when I got to his Firework shop that he was having some problems because his roof was leaking from the heavy rainfall we had on Saturday. The interview went well and I managed to receive more information that I needed. I spent the rest of the weekend trying to perfect my feature and make it a good and easy read. Not as easy as it seems.

The last trek

With another hectic week ahead and Johannesburg in like what it seems tornado season, I hope I make it through alive . Perseverance has never been tested as much as it has in the past few days but I can see then end and it is near, its this last push and soon I will be over the finish line. Practical thinking gets you far.


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