About me


MEHi, my name is Prelene and welcome to one of my blogs! This is a little space on the internet I created while completing my Honours degree in Journalism at Wits University in 2013. This blog has travelled years with me and has become a place I come to for release, but also a portfolio of my writing career – which began when I was a print/online journalist, then radio reporter and now PR consultant.

While I have a full-time job (which largely includes writing)  I much love the feeling of being able to write for leisure. This blog simply documents my professional life and some topics I felt I needed to voice my opinion on. It doesn’t really have an exact identity but I think will be good to look back on one day and show my kids the work I have done but also revisit how I used to think, feel and act when I was younger.

You may or may not know that I have another blog, which contrary to this one, has been a long time passion of mine, a lifestyle/beauty blog! Through my recent adult years, I grew to love makeup, skin care, traveling and life things.

From this ‘Life on an Eyelash’ was born. It’s where I review new makeup products, document fashion trends I love, tell you about skin care products which work for me, wear pretty things, talk travel and take photos which make me feel happy inside – yes, I have an emotional connection to photography.

Be sure to click below – have a look around and follow if you would like to be updated every time I publish 🙂

Life on an Eyelash

Also – follow this blog, get to know me more, see what I am doing for my exciting clients and let’s chat further about interesting things.

Lots of love…<3



“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

Maya Angelou



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