SOUTH AFRICA, JOHANNESBURG – November 2016: Bathroom renovations are an exciting prospect for your home but can also seem like a daunting task that is time consuming, costly and sometimes, a little overwhelming. To take the pressure off and to get you on the right track ahead of planning your new bathroom design and selecting your new accessories to finish it off, Bathroom Butler – manufacturers of stainless steel bathroom accessories and heated towel rails, has offered the following tips to consider that will help you create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. A Realistic Vision

Assess your space and decide why you are renovating. Upgrading your bathroom can add significant value to your home or investment property, therefore ensure you do it right. Consider your budget, the amount of time you want to spend on your renovation, research to see if there are any hidden problems and bring in a reputable contractor to do your measurements, assess functionality and install the plumbing.

  1. Keep it simple

Renovating the entire design of your bathroom can prove cumbersome as plumbing and piping, lighting, ventilation and a bunch of other necessities need to be considered. Before ripping everything out entirely – keep it simple by adding new furniture or accessories; upgrading your finishes and/or applying a fresh coat of paint. These small adjustments can dramatically change and upgrade the look and feel of your space with minimal effort and budget.

  1. Finishing touches

Adding new and modern accessories to any bathroom will create the finished touch that will make a bathroom feel homely and comforting. When choosing your accessories you need to define your style and consider your colour scheme and the space you are working with. Having too many accessories in a small bathroom can overcrowd the space so choose important and functional accessories which improve the practicality of your bathroom, but also modernise the space like heated towel rails, stainless steel accessories, or a splash of colour or design theme that can be changed seasonally.

  1. Upgrade your style

While upgrading your bathroom, consider upgrading your style too by incorporating interesting and new innovative elements into your space. Perhaps under floor heating which is great for those cold winter months or a mirror light which adds that bit of luminosity in your space or Bathroom Butler’s energy efficient heated towel rails – this provides dry towels all year round and a beautiful storage solution – giving your bathroom a functional purpose. These rails are made of stainless steel which is 100% recyclable, the rails also come with a choice between a timer or a switch so you can customize your temperature settings.

  1. Ventilation. Ventilation. Ventilation

Bathrooms generate a lot of moisture which is a breeding ground for mould and mildew – be prepared for this and don’t allow it to ruin any renovations you’ve already done or plan to do. Be sure to have a minimum of one window, a built-in fan or fitted air vents installed.
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[WITH GALLERY]: Richard Ward renovations halted

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A modernisation project at the Richard Ward building on East Campus has stalled pending further fundraising efforts.

While the beginning stages of the modernisation project started well, according to Edward Brooks, project architect, renovations have stopped due to lack of funding.

Brooks said: “Brooks said that this project’s momentum is expected to be “stop and start” due to the major work and finances involved.

Richard Ward houses the university’s School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering and is situated on East Campus.

The university has planned three phases of development, estimated at R75-million, for the building’s modernisation project and hired Activate Architect to head the renovations.

Emanuel Prinsloo, director of campus development and planning, said the first phase of the project amounted to R31.5 million.

The Department of Higher Education (DoHET) has facilitated in funding the first of the three phases of this modernisation project. They invested R14-million in this project.

Sunny Lyuke, Head of School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, said: “The main reason for the renovation is to house world class modern laboratories.”

All seven floors of Richard Ward will be modernised. The first phase included renovating the laboratories on floor two and the postgraduate space on floor seven.

“The building is about 40 years’ old and needs to be revamped,” Prinsloo said.

The modernisation is also aimed at expanding teaching and research spaces. The modernisation project aims to; increase the School’s contribution to industry-related research by introducing five new laboratories spaces in biochemical processes, nanotechnology, atomic absorption and volatile organic compounds.

Edward Brooks, the project architect, said they started in November and finished at the end of June with phase one. There was a team of 10 designers who managed and developed the design and at maximum 100 contractors who worked on the ground.

According to the Wits website there has been an increase in chemical and metallurgical engineering students and therefore there is a greater need for infrastructure improvements than before. These changes will ensure the highest levels of teaching are achieved according to the site.

But Prinsloo said: “Nothing will happen in the next six to 10 months.”

He further said once the last two phases have started, they will take approximately 12 to 18 months to complete.